Congregation Agudat Achim

Over 120 years of commitment to Conservative Judaism


The heaven and the earth were finished on the seventh day, and God ceased from all work. God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it. [Gen. 2:1-2].

Shabbat Services

Shabbat Shalom, a day of peace, a day of prayer, a day of greeting. Come join us on Friday evenings, as we welcome the Sabbath Bride, or on Saturday mornings, for study and prayer. Congregation Agudat Achim offers a variety of Shabbat experiences for congregants and guests of all ages.

Services start at 9:15 a.m. on Shabbat 

The Mitzvah of Hospitality

Hosting a Kiddush on Shabbat morning is a lovely way to celebrate both Shabbat and a special event in your life, be it a birthday, a wedding anniversary, the anniversary of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah—or whatever it is that strikes your fancy.  Kiddush can be simple or elaborate, depending on your taste.  Please call the office to select a Shabbat or Yom Tov for hosting a Kiddush.