Congregation Agudat Achim

Over 120 years of commitment to Conservative Judaism

Mission Statement 

The mission of Congregation Agudat Achim is to be:

  • A Beit Tefillah, house of prayer: giving our members the Jewish tools to find meaning in life and fulfill their spiritual needs, and enhancing the lives of our members by fostering ever greater commitment to Mitzvot such as prayer, Shabbat, Kashrut and Holidays.
  • A Beit Midrash, house of study: creating a learning community which encompasses adults as well as children, and instilling in our members of all ages a lifelong love of Judaism.
  • A Beit K’nesset, house of assembly: creating a welcoming, open-minded home for all the members of our community, Jewish or not, and of all levels of Jewish observance.
  • A Kehillah Kedoshah, sacred community:  fostering ever greater commitment to Mitzvot such as Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam, acting on behalf of Jews worldwide and in the State of Israel, and nurturing within our community an abiding love of God and all humanity.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Congregation Agudat Achim is to serve as a Conservative Jewish congregation for Schenectady County and the surrounding area. 

Our sacred community is committed to a traditional Jewish practice, while evolving and adapting as a modern Jewish organization.

We are an egalitarian, welcoming community caring about the well being of each of our members and the community around us.

Opportunities are offered for our members to grow spiritually through religious, educational, recreational, and cultural programs.  Learning opportunities for all ages, knowledge levels, and degrees of religious observance are provided for our members and community.

120 Years of History

To learn about our 120-year-old history, please click on the cover of

The Agudat Achim Chronicle below.


Our history on display in the Michael Handelman Memorial Room