Our Philosophy on Education

At Agudat Achim we believe that Jewish Education is extremely important. A thorough, serious Jewish education is the foundation for a Jew to appreciate one's Jewishness and play his/her vital role in society. We feel a Jewish education is as basic to one's Jewish identity as a secular education is to success in one's career. At Agudat Achim we have much to offer here, from Pre-K to Grade 7, Hebrew High School, and a wide range of adult education offerings we are dedicated to fostering, supporting and facilitating high quality formal and informal Jewish education programs. Take the time to check us out; you can enhance your Jewish journey with us. You and your family will blossom and grow with your Congregational family.

Our Scholar in Residence

Dr. Stephen Berk, professor of history at Union College has been the Scholar-in-Residence at Congregation Agudat Achim for the past 29 years.


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